Friday, July 27, 2012

Zipper Flower Tutorial (Cara Membuat Bunga dari Resleting)

This time i want to share simple tutorial about making zipper flower

Tools we need :
* Zipper (2 colours)
* Scissors
* Needle
* Thread
* Felt (cut a small circle)
* Hot Glue
* A Button

zipper flower tutorialCut a zipper with size approx 7 cm long

zipper flower tutorialzipper flower tutorialCut 5 pieces in same size

zipper flower tutorialTake one piece to make a petal. Snap each end then sew it. Repeat for all petals

zipper flower tutorialTurn back, you'll see its pointed part. I prefer to hide it by folding and adding hot glue

zipper flower tutorialzipper flower tutorialzipper flower tutorialzipper flower tutorialGather all petals and glue them on circle felt one by one

zipper flower tutorialzipper flower tutorialzipper flower tutorialPrepare second zipper with different colour, approx 10 cm

zipper flower tutorialSew it using running stitch

zipper flower tutorialPull the thread and form a circle

zipper flower tutorialzipper flower tutorialGlue the second circle zipper on the center

zipper flower tutorialLast step, add a button. Our zipper flower is done

zipper flower tutorialYou can add a pin brooch, hair clip or other, depend on what kind of accesories you want to make.

Happy Crafting !!! ^_^


  1. very good tutorial, thanks for sharing ;)

  2. mb.. kenapa benangnya gak pake warna putih c? mlh item.. sengaja biar keliatan ya?
    but.. i like it!!

    1. iya betul, sengaja biar lbh dipahami oleh pembaca...

  3. mba terima kasih dah bagi tutorial y ^^


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